Caledonian Events

With 30 years of event experience from large scale public events to high end corporate do’s we are offering a service whether you are organising a gala dinner to events services include:

Event management
Waiting & Bar staff
Hire & prop services include:
Barrels, Festival flags, Festoon lighting, Theme design

For Further information please email Rob –

Glass hire

Many of our customers have commented on our range of quality glassware we use for our wines, so we have invested a few more pennies and are able to offer a basic glass hire service for those special, smaller occasions when you just can’t find enough glasses in the back of the cabinet and need to impress! Birthday parties, engagements, small weddings or even just a dinner party where you need a range of glasses.

Styles available – hire cost – replacement cost

  • Small White – 35p each – £8
  • Large White or Red – 40p – £9
  • Large red – 45p – £10
  • Flutes – 40p – £8.50
  • Water/spirits glass – 35p – £7

We also have a range of tasting glasses for both wine and whisky if required: 25p each.

If you have bought your wine from us for the event you are hiring for then you are due a 25% discount off the glass hire and there is no dirty return charge. Replacement costs for damaged glasses do however remain the same.

Likewise if you have ordered your wine and glass hire from us and are within 20 miles of the bar we will deliver for free, beyond that we will charge 25p a mile.

Dirty return charge is £15; they do not do very well in domestic dishwashers.

Currently we can supply up to 60 of each glass, though we are planning to expand these quantities.

We also have a small range available to purchase. Please ask.

With regard tastings of wines for wines for events please contact Rob directly via our email to discuss via

Glass Hire | The Walrus & Corkscrew | Inverness


We have a small range of Merchandise should you be interested; the item most requested being our aprons so we have some of them available, at a price of £27.50 each along with some more practical attire such as the Walrus and Corkscrew golf umbrella, at £30 each as featured/modelled by our customers during our initial opening weeks when outside drinking only was allowed! As well as our Walrus woolly trawler hat in red – £10 each. Plus we have a small stock of, as so often visitors need one and many folk don’t have one, top quality waiters friend/corkscrew by Smaier available at just £12.

Corkscrew | The Walrus and Corkscrew | Inverness