The cheeses, meats and vegan options on our platters are all produced locally.

Dry Cured Meats from Bogrow in Tain and Great Glen, Highland Cheeses Tain, and Vegan cheese from Left Coast.

The bread is also baked locally.

Single Platter Meat £12.50

Meat platters include: house salami x 3, venison salami x 3, Black Ilse Coppax 2, and dry cured venison fillet x2 depending on availability and seasonality. Plus sourdough bread and gherkins.
Meat Platter | The Walrus and Corkscrew | Inverness

Single Platter Cheese £12.50

Cheese platters include: Strathdon blue, Tain Cheddar, Morangie brie and/or Minger, Fat Cow all subject to availability. Accompanied with sourdough bread. If you would like Oatcakes, butter and chutney please as as they are complimentary addition.
Single Platter Cheese | The Walrus & Corkscrew | Inverness

Single Vegan £12.50

The Vegan platters include: Havarti, Muenster and the very special brie, plus roasted peppers.
Vegan platters | The Walrus and Corkscrew | Inverness

Sharing Platter £24

Enough for 2 or 3 depending how hungry you are?

Sharing platters can be double cheese, double meats, or a combo of single meat & cheese.

Meat platter | The Walrus & Corkscrew | Inverness

Bar Snacks from £4

Small dishes of either Olives or Anchovies or Salami Bites, Bread & Oil

Bar snacks | The Walrus & Corkscrew | Inverness

Dietary Notes

We only use Sourdough bread so that should cover most Vegetarian and Vegan requirements and some Gluten free. For Coeliacs We have Gluten free oatcakes available.

We also hold a small amount of Goats cheese as an option for those who are Lactose intolerant, as well as the vegan option.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that any of our food is NUT free, including some of the Vegan options